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Day of Destruction: Destroy the Galaxy One City at a Time!

Alert! Alert! Communication stations have received atmospheric interference from a number of enormous objects heading toward our planet. Do they come it peace or is it w... (Transmission has ended)

Day of Destruction empowers you with alien technology, allowing you to wreak havoc while unlocking new weapons and UFOs:
  • Follow your destiny to destroy and conqure.
  • Challenge players on the universal leaderboard.
  • Virtual Reality puts you in the center of the action!
Day of Destruction runs on the PC with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Razer OpenSourceVR, and Samsung GearVR. Day of Destruction will be available from Steam and the Oculus store by the end of October 2016. Visit the game page!

Minecart Rush is Here!

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